May 2013 – Dundee University Newsletter

The living wage is the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet basic needs. These include things like housing, clothing and food. Dundee University is one of the few public sector employers who do not pay the living wage, the council, the NHS and the civil service all do. The living wage is just £7.45 an hour. Dundee University can afford to pay this to the 153 workers who are below this level. Staff should not be in poverty, relying on overtime and additional jobs to get by.

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Higher Education Employers Disappoint on Pay

The five higher education trade unions* today (16 July) expressed their dismay at the appalling final pay offer of 0.5% for 2009/10, made by the University and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA). They also rejected the employers’ attempt to incorporate incremental rises and pension costs as part of the pay offer.

The trade unions expressed outrage at the employers’ refusal to agree to enter into meaningful negotiations on a national strategy to protect jobs in the sector.

Jon Richards Head of Higher Education for UNISON said: “We have negotiated hard and long against an intransigent employer and come to the end of the road of negotiations. We will now consult with our representatives and members on the next steps.”


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